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My Little Japanese Cigarette Case

March 29, 2008

Currently listening to: Spoon – Stay Don’t Go

 Today is ze ‘big day’. But first…Yesterday I had school but I got to run around with Lena, it was lovely. I had a late art lesson until 4.30 but I took Lena and Steph out for dinner at Cafe Primo. It was really nice. We then drove through Blackwood and down the hill. I parked above Hungry Jack’s ($5.30…not too bad but I’m not going to make a habit of parking in U-Parks). We went to Target for the girls to look for some stuff. Steph was abused by the one we all hate. Lena and I didn’t see her but it really got to Lena and she is really pissing me off. There are not many people I hate, hate is a very strong word, but I hate this fuckwit. I have dreams of punching her.We tried to forget about it (which was hard) and went off to other places, took photos and were all touristy. How is this crap $20.00? Geeze. Afterwards went drove along North Terrace to get to King William Street so Lena could see the new tram system that I think looks kind of like Melbourne now. Going along North Terrace was amazing though, I didn’t realise the Northern Lights were still going; it was really nice.Blah blah blah then I thought of a great place to show them. A block of land behind just by my grandparent’s house, on the top of a hill, in the quarry where the Norton’s used to live, that has since been subdivided and people have begun building McMansions. I’ve never been up there at night, only during the day, but the view was amazing, even better at night, way better than this. This did have nice paragraphs but it keep fucking up, and I really can’t be bothered trying to fix it. 

    So yeah, tonight is the big thing. Bleck. WHATEVZZZZ.
    I remembered what it was I was going to say but forgot, and it really is quite meaningless, I don’t know why/how I thought otherwise. A few days ago Sophie had a bee on her leg, and I’m always the one to get bees off people for some reason. I’m sure I will get stung from doing it one day, but no one else seems to be able to do it. So I flicked it off her leg but…I KILLED IT!! I flicked it clean in half. It’s whole tail was torn off of it. I felt terrible. I’m such a sucker. 
    I also reaslised a few hours ago that for a year and a half, I have been aiming/trying to lose a certain amount of weight for this very day. This day is here. I’ve about 10kg (22lbs) which isn’t as much as I was aiming for but to be fair, my goal was unrealistic and would put me in the underweight category (not possible). 

    So now, I need to lose a heap more weight before my vacation at the end of the year. That is the goal. I have to do it. The end. Shut the fuck up.
    I ought to start getting ready and all that junk. 

    I Didn’t Take that Blow to Heart

    March 27, 2008

    Currently listening to: The Get Up Kids – Walking on a Wire

      Hmm…I am currently in a mood and watching Ready Steady Cook, avoiding doing work. I’m being crap and mopey.

        I’ve had a lot of work lately – I’m so tired. Working lots, exercising lots, not sleeping much.  I have a fair bit of work for the weekend too. I’m really quite sick of it by now. I did a few things today. First of all, I fell down a staircase. I am very sore. My back is caning, I think I’ve upset my coccyx break or something. Bleh. And my forearm is all enflamed. It’s pretty sucky. I’m also a little disappointed, because it wasn’t such a spectacular fall. It was just a doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof back slide. I kind of wish it could’ve been more of a big ol’ tumble. Perhaps even a clean break through the wall at the bottom into the front office.

          Ballroom dance lessons at lunch for the formal on Saturday. DANGGIT. Robin and Beecher made me laugh so much I stopped and was doubled over laughing; they had to push me on to my next partner.

            Lena arrives at 9pm tonight, I can’t wait to see her. There are plans in motion and such, blah blah blah. 

              A certain fuckwit is aggravating me to the MAX. I seriously want to punch her in the face, and I’m kind of hoping that I’ll be pushed to that. That could be fun.

                There was something else I was going to say…it was fairly big methinks. Oh well.

                  It’s pretty cold, I’m liking it. So much nicer than heat waves.

                    Screw this, I want a nap. 

                    Just For Now

                    March 26, 2008

                    SHUT UP!



                    Family Reunion

                    March 24, 2008

                    P.S. Family Reunion is a really bad song to have stuck in your head for days on end. 

                    Satan, Lend me a Dollar

                    March 24, 2008

                    Currently listening to: Blink 182 – Don’t Leave Me 

                    Happy Hari Telur/Zombie Jesus Weekend.  It was nice to have a four day weekend, for once it’s actually seemed longer, which is lovely. I didn’t get as much work done as I had hoped (damn Easter four day weekend luring me into the world of computer games, movies and poker) but…oh well.

                      Today I went to Marion to see a movie…hmmmmmmmmm…First of all, I didn’t pay for it, and Vantage Point  (I gave it one star on IMDB tehehe) isn’t exactly a movie I would choose to see. The trailer did make it look pretty…below mediocre. The reason it was free is because it’s a thing called Gold Class. My uncle gave my brother two vouchers for Gold Class tickets for his birthday…last April. They expire on the weekend so we used them as to not waste them. There are only five movies on at Gold Class at the moment so we saw that. 
                      Also, it’s 18+ because it’s ‘classy’ and for adults only, yet for some reason features Horton Hears a Who! this fortnight. I see the logic there. No, really. I got in because I’m just awesome obviously.
                      Here is where my whining begins. 
                      First of all, it’s stupid. It’s rather silly and immensely over priced. $34.00 per ticket. Well…that’s a little silly. $2.00 booking fee per ticket? Hey, that’s not really necessary is it. Pizza? 20 DOWLAS. OH. WELL.
                      I found it quite annoying when waiters keep walking in front/next to/behind me and making noises with plates and cutlery. More annoying would have to be the people clanging their cutlery together.
                      The seats. Reclining. Well, that can be alright. If you’re going to let people eat crap on those things, make sure there are no stains. Please. What bothered me though is that I sit up really straight, I don’t lean back much, I find it really uncomfortable, I generally don’t use back rests, I like to have them there but I don’t always use them. These things lay right back; I tried it and I was looking at the ceiling. I don’t get it. I slouch sometimes, but you need that adjustment room so that you can sit up nice and straight, or slouch down and become one with the furniture. I ended up all curled up in a ball holding my legs. 
                      Now the movie itself. Mother fucker. At this point, I must point out that the little red wriggly line does not recognise the word ‘fucker’. Suggestions? 
                      •  Fuqua
                      • Bucker
                      • Ducker
                      • Mucker
                      • Pucker
                      • Sucker
                      • Tucker
                      Ah ok.
                      Anyway, the movie itself: to be honest, I don’t really want to talk about it. The shaky camera choppy style pisses me off more and more every time I see it.

                      Lack of continuity, particularly with time (oh yeah, the bomb goes off a minute later. Wait no, this time it’s 10 minutes. Hey, why not make it a second this time?).
                      That little bitch Anna. She made me angry.
                      The final bit with the zoomy. That made me angry.

                      I am just an angry person it would seem.

                      Movies make me angry.
                      I’ll go build my own lunar lander, with blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget the lunar lander and the blackjack!

                        Bitter and then Some

                        March 21, 2008

                        Currently listening to: The Aquabats! – Radiation Song

                        Six days until my dearest Lena visits. She is my oldest friend; I have known her since I was the mere age of two years. She moved to Singapore over a year ago. Her father is not an oil man, but a pump man. We became friends in Playgroup (the class before kindergarten and before montessori, it’s for two and three year olds and their parents to play with toys in a room with other two and three year olds and their parents). She used to tickle until I laughed and cried and fell over and hit my head on a table. This happened most days. Throughout Junior Primary, Primary, Middle and Senior School, she was always there. I’d stray and try to be cool but she’d always be there when I failed at the coolness. She’s pretty much the best, and one of the most genuinely nice and TALENTED people I’ve ever known (she can sing). So, obviously, I can’t wait to see her. She is coming over for the senior formal, which is in fact next Saturday. Oh golly. I am going to visit her at the beginning of July, it shall be rad.

                        So, the formal is next Saturday.


                        It will be pretty awesome, I am really looking forward to it. I am, however, rather worried about…

                        1.  the speech *cough*phoebe*cough*.
                        2. Nick, with *cough*phoebe*cough* and the speech.
                        3. Jesse, for obvious reasons. 
                        4. sir googsalot. She’s a real fuckwit.
                        5. the afterparty
                        6. people crashing their cars on the death trap that is Upper Sturt Road on their way to the afterparty/home from. 

                        Blah blah blah. 

                        I had a career counseling session.



                        Yes, I am going to be an oil man.

                        I’m finished. 

                        P.S. Shock the World

                        March 18, 2008

                        Psychology text books make me laugh.

                        Not From Where I Stand

                        March 18, 2008

                        I have a lot to do today.

                        Study days are rad gnarly, to the max. So much to do though, and so many distractions. 

                        Man Overboard

                        March 16, 2008

                        I feel kinda crappy right now. Damn mood swings.

                        I’ve lost almost 3kg in the past few days. It makes me happy but it’s probably not good. I haven’t really been eating…at all.

                        Wow that tornado in Atlanta looks pretty harsh. The damage at least.

                        Abbbafrflifldij screw this.

                        “You had sex one time for potato chips.” 

                        Oh, is she in a coma?

                        March 16, 2008

                        I never get tired of it.