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Plug in Baby

May 30, 2008

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I am such a granny. I am so pleased it’s Friday night, I am ready for an amazing night in bed. An amazing night sleeping. YEEEEWWWW. It is actually what I look forward to most each week.

I am…so unbelievably snowed under at the moment. Everyone is though, it’s just at the moment, they are just piling piles of crap onto us. It really sucks. Balls, man. BALLS, MAN. In the worst way possible. I need some stress relief. Cough cough cough. Splutter. Choke…errr.

Oop, I’m nodding off a little.

I finished GTA IV a few days ago. It was fairly enjoyable. The story was quite inconsistent though, as were some of the characters. It was good that they made it more realistic than the others, but the transition from poor alien to rich pimp was far too sudden. And even though they tried to give the game more options to give it more dimensions, it was still pretty linear. The options were barely options, they pretty much just lead to the same thing happening a slightly different way, but under the same circumstances and in the same location. Blah, it was fun. I am just dissing it. I will keep doing it. Pigeon, jumps, Jacob, races, Stevie, assassin and random pervert fun!

Exactly 2 months until my birthday. Chika yeeeah! 8 weeks from today.

I’ve been singing Weird Al Yankovic all day. He really never gets old. No seriously…he looks younger every time I see him. It’s freaky. 

I saw this a while ago, my daddy showed it to me.

158 stories up. It’s a 160 story building. Give about 3 metres for each floor. The tallest free standing building in the world. chill on that beam like it’s no big thang.

I’ve been up the Petronas Towers!

It’s so cool to be able to say ‘I’ve been there!’.

English sucks…teacher sucks. She tells me to ask more questions and ask for help when I need it, so I ask a question/ask for help and she yells at me. We have to study poetry and write about poems we connect with. Too bad the only poems we are looking at are poems about:


  • parents dying
  • being abused/ignored as a kiddie
  • talking to your foetus


We have to do child/parent relationships and connect with 3 poems…it’s just too bad that I have a good relationship with my parents…

I’m meant to go and see Indiana Jones with two groups tomorrow…and I will be attending neither. Sadface :((((((((((:((::(:(::(:(PEAIgobfjnmeb ffcasx 

Too much work…seriously. GRR. 

I will, however, be going to Nyasha’s house for a gathering for Bryn and Jesse’s birthdays. It’s a short thing so yeah. Twill be nice.

Apparently I am having a party thrown for me. Kinda cool.

Sleep now. Ciao, pal.


I Wanna be Your Dog

May 26, 2008


Drop it Like it’s Hot

May 26, 2008

Currently listening to: Fucked Up – Two Snakes

Oh man, I am so hot. Temperature wise, not in terms of physical appearance. Last night, my mum was all like, ‘NO, YOU’RE NOT EXERCISING,’ but I did – I fought to exercise. This morning, my mum was all like, ‘NO, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO SCHOOL,’ but I did – I fought to go to school. I went to psychology and homegroup and gave in and called my mummy. SO HOT. It’s fairly cold out. Everything is frosty. BUT SO HOT. I got out of my uniform and I’m just sitting in a singlet and undiewear…SO HOT. Now I’m cold, wait no, hot again. I am sweating my ass off. She made me take painkillers to get rid of my temperature…I hate painkillers. I don’t take painkillers. They don’t work for me, and I’m on enough drugs anyway. GOD DAMMIT. I have so much work to do but like…BLARH.

I should move on, because I will just keep whining and I won’t really advance in my argument at all.

Kit was eliminated!!! My favourite Project Runway Season 4 contestant. Sadface. She was the best…

So now, I guess Chris is my favourite. He was always in my top 3, but yeeeah.

And Jillian

Blast this infernal coughing.

I actually had fun at a party on Saturday night, which was nice. It’s nice to know that I can still have fun. 

My hair looks pretty right now. BOYAKASHA.



May 23, 2008

Currently listening to: Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins – Rise Up With Fists!!

I am such a corporate bitch. I get fairly fired up and defensive when people disrespect Wikipedia. People whine that ‘it’s not a reliable source. Anyone can edit it, LOOK!!! (showing me the edit button which I CLEARLY am not aware of because I RARELY use the Internet, let alone Wikipedia or any other element of the Wikimedia Foundation)’…shut the hell up, seriously. It’s called perpetual moderation. 

I love degaussing monitors. It’s quite fun. All the kids love it.

A few days ago, I saw some middle school students at a locker drinking cough medicine…”oohhhh it’s so sweet, man!”…yeah…you’re cool…?

Saya menadi sakit 😦

I’m getting sick 😦

Well Thought Out Twinkles

May 20, 2008

Currently listening to: Silversun Pickups – Common Reactor

I’m fairly confused at the moment. I’m not sad, I suppose I’m happy to some extent, but I don’t really know what’s going on. I don’t know if I want to find out, I’m too scared to ask.

Achoo. Allergies.

I’ve probably posted this before but baha:

Balls, man. We just ran over a bus.

May 19, 2008

Never found out why you left him,
but this answer begs that question,
Too blind to see tomorrow,
too broke to beg or borrow.
Young and Stupid, left wide open
Hearts are wasted, lives are broken

One more point of contention, 
I need some intervention
Approached with vague intentions
betray my short attention span
The distance, bridge the border
Beg forgiveness, round the corner

Everytime I look for you the sun goes down
And I stumble when this whole thing runs aground
I left another message, you are never around
But everytime I look for you the sun goes down once more
Will the last one out, please shut the door

More time apart will give you,
a few more months to argue
Is this too much to live through,
it always seems too far to drive
The point home, send more letters
Pray tomorrow, ends up better

Everytime I look for you the sun goes down
And I stumble when this whole thing runs aground
I left another message, you are never around
But everytime I look for you the sun goes down once more
Will the last one out, please shut the door

I never did do anything that she asked, 
I never let what happened, stay in the past
I never did quite understand what she meant,
In spite of everything, in spite of everything

Everytime I look for you the sun goes down
And I stumble when this whole thing runs aground
I left another message, you are never around
But everytime I look for you the sun goes down
And I stumble when this whole thing runs aground
I left another message, you are never around
but everytime I look for you the sun goes down


Does he Love You?

May 19, 2008

Currently listening to: Bodyjar – One in a Million

I honestly can’t express how relieved I am that I have a day off tomorrow. It’s not so much a day off, as I literally have piles of work to do, but ohhh man, I get to be at home, and it’s just a lot more…um…AWESOME. I don’t think I could actually last a day longer without a mental break. I’m kind of happy with myself though, I haven’t taken a day off all year. I haven’t skipped any lessons (except for psychology because we were watching The Devil Wears Prada and I have no idea why). On average, I used to have a day off each week; they were my ‘mental health’ days. I would wake up or just…not wake up. I would be too upset to go out. Or I’d have too much on my mind. I’d just cry all day and get work done. I was pathetic. I still am but like, NOW I AM AWESOME…pretending I am narcissistic is fun. I would get dressed and see myself in the mirror and just…pretty much go into a state where I would just lie in bed all day. I wouldn’t talk to anyone. It sucked. But I’m over it. After a few years, of doing that once a week…I got over it this year.

My finger nails are all pretty and shiny. Check it out, brah.

I realised a long time ago that writing here is completely stupid and…I’m pretty sure my widget dictionary just gave me the wrong definition for the word ‘superlative’. This requires further investigation. Oh wait no, superfluous. My mistake. As I was saying, I am aware that writing here is completely stupid and superfluous as all it is a a ramble, a train of thoughts and simply a place for me to try and go off on as many tangents as I possibly can, and to try and make sentences as long as I can, without consciously attempting to do so…superfluous.

But apparently some people read it. Some people EVEN CLICK ON THE LINKS I PROVIDE. Now that is just such an honour. I do find it amusing how many people who stumble across this page are the ones googling ‘adelaide hookers‘, ‘grandmother’s fucking‘, ‘seventeen years old‘, ‘punch boobs‘ or ‘how to get chlamydia‘. Those are my favourites, anyway. There are plenty of other stellar searches. Obviously, I attract a delightful audience.

I feel fairly lazy. I got home…I…internet, sat around, played GTA for a bit, sat around, did some art, sit ups, and now I’m in bed. I felt too tired to exercise properly, and I didn’t get any work done, other than art. Lazyface. But I have been working a crap load. WAAAAHMBULANCE.

Last weekend was Robin’s party. Blah blah blah, I came fairly close to being in a head on collision. 

This weekend was Merridy’s 18th at Mojo West. Yeah…I’m pretty sure I’ve become a fairly cynical old man. 

There are some funny stories from both nights, including the po po. Damn po po. The highlight of Saturday night though was meeting up with friends, in our formal wear at Hungry Jack’s Blackwood afterwards to hang around at 12pm, eat junk and watch it rain for the first time in ages. Friends are pretty much the best.

Psychology today consisted of taking silly and inappropriate quizzes on the Internet…Penis Envy is such a joke…what the hell, Freud?


“fuck you, I’m an anteater”.

You Wouldn’t Like Me

May 14, 2008

Funny how it somehow comes back to us three being weiners.

Australia Day, 2007. Also – Arrested Development and awesome Robin party day.

Long Road to Ruin

May 12, 2008

Currently listening to: Tegan and Sara – Living Room

I’ve been feeling fairly crappy. Fairly fairly crappy. I went for a drive to try and clear my head, and surprisingly it worked. I did, however, fail my mission.

I needed to get some thread for my first final art piece and I wanted to buy a lighter, because they’re fun and I’ve always had trouble with them. I know how to use zippos (which are great fun, but the spare one runs on gas and needs to be refilled) but I was recently given a step by step tutorial. There are so many awesome uses for lighters too, and they’re super cheap. I do like zippos though, they are fun. I like my Daddy’s…anyway.

I went to Woolworths to get one. I am a super polite person, people should know this, and quite possibly already do. I take pride in my manners. The woman asked for ID, I replied, “oh, you need ID for a lighter?” She gave me a filthy look and walked away…I said, ‘…ok…thanks anyway’ and left. HOW RUDE. Guh…I hate people.

And since when do you need to be 18+, with proof to buy a lighter. Lighters have numerous uses. Fricking hell. And they were all locked away in secret. So I drove across the road to the BP, where they were on display, sitting on the counter. Woo, the fiyar.

I am pretty stressed at the moment. I haven’t had a day off all year which is a tremendous feat for me. I used to not be able to go a week without taking a ‘mental health’ day. In other words, a day where I would stay home and do nothing. I would work though. I would like to take a day off, but I don’t want to ruin my streak. Dammit this…reinforcement. School sucks. I mean…skool sux.

I’ve lost 2kg in a week. Pretty awesome. I do feel fairly lazy because I haven’t exercised for a few days, but I’m not really eating anything and I’m losing weight. It does matter but yeah. Tiyad + lots of work. Complain much? Get the effing wahmbulance. 

Today, I cut my hands up, super haggard 😦 They really sting. It was an accident. I got to my free and I looked down and there was blood all over my right hand and it was shaking. I went to the bathroom with Leia and we had a little conversation, people thought it was hilarious (I’m not so sure why, but Leia is so funny when she retells it), something like this:

Leia: What happened?

Alice: I doooon’t knoooow.

Leia: Have you touched a blender?

Alice: Noooo.

Leia: Have you been in a kitchen?

Alice: Noooo.

Leia: Have you touched anything sharp at all?

Alice: I doooon’t knooow.

Leia: How did you do it?

Alice: I dooon’t knoooow.

Leia: Where have you been?

Alice: Around.

Leia: Do you actually know how you did it?

Alice: ………ya.

…I was trying to open a locked door with scissors.

BUT, SEE, it is actually logical. My school likes to lock the doors from the outside and leave them unlocked from the inside. I like to unlock them from the outside with scissors. I have done it twice, when the teachers turn up 30 minutes late to class and we are waiting outside in the drizzle and cold. It works. It does. This time, I was in a rush and the door was locked from the inside, so I was trying to unlock the door, to no avail. Instead, I just sliced my hand. Blah blah blah. Then everyone accused me of being high because I couldn’t stop laughing. 10 minutes later I was sad and silent and barely talked to anyone for the rest of the day. 


I was the Only one who got Burned

May 11, 2008

Currently listening to: The Get Up Kids – Central Standard Time

Frick man…it makes too much sense to post those words.

Fuck, I need Mark Hoppus and Hall and Oates. 

Sigh of relief. 

Somehow it always makes me smile.