Does he Love You?

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I honestly can’t express how relieved I am that I have a day off tomorrow. It’s not so much a day off, as I literally have piles of work to do, but ohhh man, I get to be at home, and it’s just a lot more…um…AWESOME. I don’t think I could actually last a day longer without a mental break. I’m kind of happy with myself though, I haven’t taken a day off all year. I haven’t skipped any lessons (except for psychology because we were watching The Devil Wears Prada and I have no idea why). On average, I used to have a day off each week; they were my ‘mental health’ days. I would wake up or just…not wake up. I would be too upset to go out. Or I’d have too much on my mind. I’d just cry all day and get work done. I was pathetic. I still am but like, NOW I AM AWESOME…pretending I am narcissistic is fun. I would get dressed and see myself in the mirror and just…pretty much go into a state where I would just lie in bed all day. I wouldn’t talk to anyone. It sucked. But I’m over it. After a few years, of doing that once a week…I got over it this year.

My finger nails are all pretty and shiny. Check it out, brah.

I realised a long time ago that writing here is completely stupid and…I’m pretty sure my widget dictionary just gave me the wrong definition for the word ‘superlative’. This requires further investigation. Oh wait no, superfluous. My mistake. As I was saying, I am aware that writing here is completely stupid and superfluous as all it is a a ramble, a train of thoughts and simply a place for me to try and go off on as many tangents as I possibly can, and to try and make sentences as long as I can, without consciously attempting to do so…superfluous.

But apparently some people read it. Some people EVEN CLICK ON THE LINKS I PROVIDE. Now that is just such an honour. I do find it amusing how many people who stumble across this page are the ones googling ‘adelaide hookers‘, ‘grandmother’s fucking‘, ‘seventeen years old‘, ‘punch boobs‘ or ‘how to get chlamydia‘. Those are my favourites, anyway. There are plenty of other stellar searches. Obviously, I attract a delightful audience.

I feel fairly lazy. I got home…I…internet, sat around, played GTA for a bit, sat around, did some art, sit ups, and now I’m in bed. I felt too tired to exercise properly, and I didn’t get any work done, other than art. Lazyface. But I have been working a crap load. WAAAAHMBULANCE.

Last weekend was Robin’s party. Blah blah blah, I came fairly close to being in a head on collision. 

This weekend was Merridy’s 18th at Mojo West. Yeah…I’m pretty sure I’ve become a fairly cynical old man. 

There are some funny stories from both nights, including the po po. Damn po po. The highlight of Saturday night though was meeting up with friends, in our formal wear at Hungry Jack’s Blackwood afterwards to hang around at 12pm, eat junk and watch it rain for the first time in ages. Friends are pretty much the best.

Psychology today consisted of taking silly and inappropriate quizzes on the Internet…Penis Envy is such a joke…what the hell, Freud?


“fuck you, I’m an anteater”.


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