Drop it Like it’s Hot

Currently listening to: Fucked Up – Two Snakes

Oh man, I am so hot. Temperature wise, not in terms of physical appearance. Last night, my mum was all like, ‘NO, YOU’RE NOT EXERCISING,’ but I did – I fought to exercise. This morning, my mum was all like, ‘NO, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO SCHOOL,’ but I did – I fought to go to school. I went to psychology and homegroup and gave in and called my mummy. SO HOT. It’s fairly cold out. Everything is frosty. BUT SO HOT. I got out of my uniform and I’m just sitting in a singlet and undiewear…SO HOT. Now I’m cold, wait no, hot again. I am sweating my ass off. She made me take painkillers to get rid of my temperature…I hate painkillers. I don’t take painkillers. They don’t work for me, and I’m on enough drugs anyway. GOD DAMMIT. I have so much work to do but like…BLARH.

I should move on, because I will just keep whining and I won’t really advance in my argument at all.

Kit was eliminated!!! My favourite Project Runway Season 4 contestant. Sadface. She was the best…

So now, I guess Chris is my favourite. He was always in my top 3, but yeeeah.

And Jillian

Blast this infernal coughing.

I actually had fun at a party on Saturday night, which was nice. It’s nice to know that I can still have fun. 

My hair looks pretty right now. BOYAKASHA.



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