Plug in Baby

Currently listening to: Weezer – Say it Ain’t So

I am such a granny. I am so pleased it’s Friday night, I am ready for an amazing night in bed. An amazing night sleeping. YEEEEWWWW. It is actually what I look forward to most each week.

I am…so unbelievably snowed under at the moment. Everyone is though, it’s just at the moment, they are just piling piles of crap onto us. It really sucks. Balls, man. BALLS, MAN. In the worst way possible. I need some stress relief. Cough cough cough. Splutter. Choke…errr.

Oop, I’m nodding off a little.

I finished GTA IV a few days ago. It was fairly enjoyable. The story was quite inconsistent though, as were some of the characters. It was good that they made it more realistic than the others, but the transition from poor alien to rich pimp was far too sudden. And even though they tried to give the game more options to give it more dimensions, it was still pretty linear. The options were barely options, they pretty much just lead to the same thing happening a slightly different way, but under the same circumstances and in the same location. Blah, it was fun. I am just dissing it. I will keep doing it. Pigeon, jumps, Jacob, races, Stevie, assassin and random pervert fun!

Exactly 2 months until my birthday. Chika yeeeah! 8 weeks from today.

I’ve been singing Weird Al Yankovic all day. He really never gets old. No seriously…he looks younger every time I see him. It’s freaky. 

I saw this a while ago, my daddy showed it to me.

158 stories up. It’s a 160 story building. Give about 3 metres for each floor. The tallest free standing building in the world. chill on that beam like it’s no big thang.

I’ve been up the Petronas Towers!

It’s so cool to be able to say ‘I’ve been there!’.

English sucks…teacher sucks. She tells me to ask more questions and ask for help when I need it, so I ask a question/ask for help and she yells at me. We have to study poetry and write about poems we connect with. Too bad the only poems we are looking at are poems about:


  • parents dying
  • being abused/ignored as a kiddie
  • talking to your foetus


We have to do child/parent relationships and connect with 3 poems…it’s just too bad that I have a good relationship with my parents…

I’m meant to go and see Indiana Jones with two groups tomorrow…and I will be attending neither. Sadface :((((((((((:((::(:(::(:(PEAIgobfjnmeb ffcasx 

Too much work…seriously. GRR. 

I will, however, be going to Nyasha’s house for a gathering for Bryn and Jesse’s birthdays. It’s a short thing so yeah. Twill be nice.

Apparently I am having a party thrown for me. Kinda cool.

Sleep now. Ciao, pal.


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