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Saying Goodbye in Gasoline.

June 30, 2008

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The ‘Annoying Alice’ levels of this blog are about to drop temporarily. I’m going to Singapore for a week in a few hours. I’ll be back next Tuesday to restore said ‘Annoying Alice’.



Is There Trouble on the Line?

June 30, 2008

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Art today was fun. I finished my first final, it just has to be mounted, which we will do at the end of year, nearer to the exhibition. One more to go!


Come Pick Me Up

June 27, 2008

Currently listening to: Ryan Adams – Note To Self: Don’t Die

I did something pretty stupid earlier.

GOD DAMN YES, HOLIDAYS. Ahhh this is a nice feeling.

I tried the whole jogging thing. It pretty much screwed my knee up, but I will try it again, try to get up to a better standard. 

Monsters Inc. is still one of the best movies ever. I don’t care, it totally is.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Ryan Adams lately. 


Such a druggie…

Jen Doesn’t Like me Anymore

June 26, 2008

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One more day!


Four more days!

Ugh, it’s about time. It’s going so fast, but so slow at the same time.

I’m on a 19 for maths, which I could get up to a 20. I don’t really care, but that would be pretty awesome if I got a 20.

I’m thinking I might start jogging in the National Park. It probably won’t last long before I hyperventilate but it’s worth a try. This is a pretty big thing for me. I DESPISE public exercise. We will see how it goes.

Fight the mood, dammit! Grr.

Ummmmmmmm…My homegroup teacher has a daughter! Aww…it’s taken them so long to get this. I’m so happy for them. I should send him an email. 

Ugh crap, I really need to fight this mood. Lame lame lame. 


Mummy’s Looks, Daddy’s Mouth

June 22, 2008

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Today was weird…

I went into the city to take daddio’s rental car back. (Geeze, that thing is a beast.) We walked around the city for a bit, then went to look at phones. Almost got a Sidekick but turns out the $30 per month plan is misleading, and actually $60 per month, + calls on top of that. Psh. I’m FINE with my $20 THANK YOU. My phone, as great as it is, is disintegrating. I’m so careful too…

We caught a taxi back. Why is it that taxis always smell the same? It’s a weird/kind of icky smell. I wonder if they smell the same in other parts of the world, like North America. I mean, I know what they smell like here, and in other parts of Australia, and I know what they smell like in Indonesia and Malaysia (different to Australia, but the same between the two), but I wonder what they smell like elsewhere. Is that weird? That’s weird, yeah…

We went to buy a canvas for my next art major piece. It wasn’t the biggest one they had, but it’s the biggest we could fit in the car. And hell, 48 x 36 is big enough. Oh, what’s that? You don’t believe me? Huh.


Oh, need something for comparison?


The black book is A3. Pchow.

THEN, driving back…opposite Belair Primary School, there used to be the Belair Junior Primary School used to be, about 15 years ago, until it was demolished. Now it is a block of rubble, with weeds growing over the top. We drove past, and there was a pony in there. I was fairly excited, but we kept driving. We turned around and when to visit the pony. I ran up to it, excited of course…and…it was really depressing. There was this sweet little shetland Pony in a crappy field of old bricks and sour sobs. It had an old bridle on, with a lead attached to that, tied to a log on the ground. It had no water, and it was muddy. It was so sad. Also, it’s fairly cold and wet at the moment – it had NO rug. Nothing. It was horrible. We named it Kevin, until we realised it had no wee wee, so we named it Priscilla. 

An hour later, I filled an ice cream container with water and took it to pony child. It didn’t want it. I read that horses drink 4 gallons at a time, I think…hmm. The thing about the field is that it’s not even proper grass, the poor thing is eating sour sobs and dirt/rocks. My mummio mentioned that it looked fat, just it’s stomach though, the rest of it was scrawny. We’re pretty sure it’s pregnant – her stomach is seriously huge. We came up with a theory that perhaps she had become pregnant and so the owners had abandoned her. That was pretty sad.

The stomach was protruding out the sides. It seemed hella preggaz.

We went to my grandparent’s house, just to visit. I called my friend; she knows a lot about horses, and I thought she might know if anyone in the area might…I don’t know, but I called her. Turns out the number I had for her in my phone is…someone I don’t know. I called her house, got her number and called that…turns out I put the wrong number in, and got some guy called Chris. Nice…I finally got it right and left her a message.

I called the Animal Welfare League, they directed me to the RSPCA. Got a message from my friend, called her, explained the situation, she thought it sounded pretty bad, she said she would take one of her horse’s rugs and have a look. I called the RSPCA who are FUCKWITS. Seriously, they are such a joke, I hate them so much. Grr. So yeah, that call was pointless.

We drove back, about half an hour since I had given it some water…and…it was gone…

Oh Priscilla/Kevin…I hope you’re alright…I’ve been worrying about you all day, I can’t stop thinking about it. P.S. your emo fringe is fricking awesome, duder.

❤ pony.

By the way, my phone takes amazing photos. Seriously.

I rarely lie to my mother, it’s how I roll. There’s one thing that I’ve lied about for a bit over a year now, and today I righted that wrong…it felt so good to get it out, and god damn it felt so bad to lie to her. I felt terrible, and I still do just thinking about it.

My mummy is the best.


June 21, 2008

Anybody missing a foot?



June 21, 2008

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Indonesian essay? YEAH!

In-Depth Assessment

Sejak tahun tujuh puluhan, musik punk mempunyai tujuan untuk merubah gaya hidup barat. Musik punk berpergian dari negeri Inggeris ke Amerika dan keliling seluruh dunia, termasuk pulau pulau Indonesia. Musik punk popular khususnya dengan penduduk minoritas Indonesia.

Yogyakarta dan Bali mungkin mempunyai dunia punk yang paling besar di Indonesia. Di seluruh pulau pulau Indonesia, setiap akhir minggu orang bisa menghadiri konser punk dan mendengarkan lagu anarkhistic dan berpendirian keras. Salah satu grup yang berasal dari pulau Bali bernama Superman Is Dead. Grup ini pemimpin dunia punk ini dengan berpendirian keras dan musik berbeda.

Dulu di Indonesia, orang dihukum oleh pemerintah kalau penduduk bercakap dengan ketidakpuasan tentang masyarakat atau pemerintah Indonesia. Sebagai akibat, orang berpendapat terang terangan sering menindas atau bawah tanah. Tetapi dewasa ini, sesudah pemerintah Suharto, penduduk Indonesia mempunyai lebih banyak kebebasan dan karena itu, orang bisa mencelah pemerintah Indonesia lebih bebas. Superman Is Dead membuat musik untuk memberitahu orang lain teqntang pendapatnya, mereka tidak mau masyarakat yang apatis, fasis, diskriminasi, kekerasan, materialisme atau konsumen. Mereka mau persamaan, perdamaian dan kebebasan di dunia. Mendengarkan lagu bernama Besok oleh Superman Is Dead, lagu tentang pemerintah Indonesia.

Kebanyakan grup punk di Indonesia ingin kebebasan dan tidak setuju dengan aksi perusahaan CD dan sebagai akibat CD sendirian dibuat grup lokal tanpa bantuan dari perusahaan CD. Di dunia punk, uang dan kekayaan tidak penting sekali karena filsafat punk tidak setuju dengan konsumen. Konser punk atau konser bawah tanah bisa mempersatukan orang. Semua orang bisa menghadiri konser, orang ini jangan peduli tentang uang, bangsa, agama atau pendidikan, dan konser bawah tanah selalu murah! Banyak remaja yang bingung atau marah menghadiri konser karena mereka merasa bahwa orang di sana jangan mengeritiknya.

Superman Is Dead percaya ini juga, “kita benar-benar berharap album ini bisa memberikan harapan, support dan motivasi bagi teman teman yang selalu merasa tertekan dan dirugikan. Untuk kaum yang tersisih dan terlupakan. Untuk kalian yang tersudut dan terdiam. Ayo sama-sama kita tawan dunia kebencian ini dengan sepenuh cinta yang kita miliki” (dari album Black Market Love dari Superman Is Dead). Orang punk tidak merupakan ancaman, mereka mau dunia lebih baik.

Superman Is Dead mau mengaruhi remaja karena pilihan untuk masa depan lebih baik di tangannya. Juga, remaja dipengaruhi mudah oleh media masa.

Dunia punk juga mau mengatasi persoalan lingkungan. Sering dalam lagunya, Superman Is Dead ceritakan tentang lingkungan dan mengatakan bumi bukan main penting dan orang harus respek dan menjaga bumi. Persamaan harus dicari di antara baik orang maupun bumi kita.

Indonesia adalah negara yang sangat kuasa. Di negara seperti itu, dengan penyensuran dan penindasan, musik punk kurang cocok. Pendapat musik punk bukan main berbeda dibandingkan dengan pendapat pemerintah Indonesia. Musik punk menyediakan nilai nilai untuk generasi baru dan ceritakan tentang persoalan di dunia dan bagaimana kami bisa mengatasi persoalan ini. Musik dan pakaian gaya punk berbeda sekali dibandingkan dengan musik tradisi Indonesia.

Superman Is Dead memberitahu orang lain tentang pendapatnya dan memajukan perubahan di masyarakat Indonesia dengan musiknya. “Ku melawan. Resistensi. Lahir bukan untuk dibodoh” (dari lagu bernama Citra O.D. dari album Black Market Love oleh Superman Is Dead). Musik punk bukan main penting karena tanpa musik punk, mungkin orang akan tidak menjadi motivasi untuk mempertahankan hak haknya.

Lahir bukan untuk dibodoh.

Do the Smoke Detector

June 20, 2008

Currently listening to: Rilo Kiley – Smoke Detector

A few weeks ago, the gas heater in the living room started making funny noises, I suggested we get it serviced…turns out it’s leaking carbon monoxide, who knows how long this has been happening. SO, likeliness of dying in the next few days – amber alert (no, I don’t know either).

My day, in shortish form:

I had hoped to skip school today and go to Mildura and Berry with daddio, but alas. 
I spent a 2 hour English lesson looking out a window, watching Nick being silly, until he realised and then we both started doing silly stuff (fox on the run, you scream and everybody comes a-runnin’).
I spent 1 hour having a drawing battle against Wiggles. I fought for PS3, he fought for Xbox 360 (I totally won, I had the Millenium Falcon and The Jesus on my side)
Practice Indonesian oral exam with Jess. Ahh gosh that was scary, but it went better than I had anticipated, which was a pleasant surprise.
I found Dundon’s car keys – that was tempting.
I hung out with friends in the music department and played with drum sticks.
Contemporary art test.
I then stayed back to do art. I finished the second part (2/3) of my first major piece (1/2).
I went and got Indian food for dinner.
I just watched 2 episodes of the Office, and one episode of My Name is Earl while I used the treadmill, and then I did 100 sit ups. 
Now I’m in bed.
The socks I’m wearing right now are amazing, I must say this. They look cute and they are ho so soft.
I am fairly close to falling asleep right now. Sreepy.
Ms. Robson wants me to go to Browse in and Save and buy the biggest canvas they have. About 2m squared and upwards. Anyway, fairly big. I’m doing a painting for my next major artwork. A BIG painting. Blugh, I’m cheap.
I’m tired.
I’m a whiner.

Hum Hallelujah

June 19, 2008

And I said, I don’t care if they lay me off either, because I told, I told Bill that if they move my desk one more time, then, then I’m, I’m quitting, I’m going to quit. And, and I told Don too, because they’ve moved my desk four times already this year, and I used to be over by the window, and I could see the squirrels, and they were married, but then, they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn’t bind up as much, and I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler and it’s not okay because if they take my stapler then I’ll set the building on fire… 

11 days until I see my Leaney!

The Moneymaker

June 17, 2008

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These are terms people used to find your blog:

inappropriate penis