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Escape from the A-Bomb House

July 31, 2008

Currently listening to: Less Than Jake – That’s Why They Call it a Union

I haven’t been this miserable for a long time. You forget how much it hurts. 

I have one hour and 44 minutes left until I have to forfeit my rights to being a child.

I did achieve one fairly childish stunt in the past 24 hours. I got gum stuck in my hair for the first time ever, and I had to cut it out. Success!

I can’t wait to see my friends tomorrow, there’s a few people I wish could be here though.


Give It All

July 30, 2008

Currently listening to: Rise Against – to Them These Streets Belong

It’s over! Mid years are all done. Heck yes. 

Partay tonight.

1 Day. Holy banana bread.

Break Me Down

July 28, 2008

Currently listening to: Bad Religion – We’re Only Gonna Die

Break me down enough I’ll take your side
And all your attitude
I would like for you to just decide
What you’re gonna do

Maybe I’ll decide I’ve had enough
Of what you put me through
Then perhaps you could return my stuff

I’m pretty much in the worst, most difficult and awkward situation I’ve ever been in. It is totally balls in the worst possible way, and I’m pretty sure the only way to get out of it is to back down, or to completely fuck up my relationship with my family. Oh and at the best possible time, mid terms!


I think this is super cool.

I have three days left to be a child. It is really scary to think of it like that. I need to commit as many minor felonies as I can in these next few days.

Where Did You Go?

July 26, 2008

Poor lil’ monkey moo.

It’s raining slightly!

All the Rage

July 22, 2008

This game is all the rage with the kids these days.

Ask the Magic 8-Ball

July 22, 2008

I just drove home from my Indonesian mid term oral exam. She said I did really well and was impressed, even though I made one word up (memberbaikikan?). I am now super excited, which was evident in my driving as I sped slightly while coming home.

12 more weeks. This will go fast. It’s exciting but scary.

9 more days. I want to stay a kiddie though.

Next week (and this Friday) is exam week. God damn it’s so good to have my oral exam out of the way…FOR NOW. Next Friday (someone’s BIRTHDAY, wink) I am going to din dins with my mummy, and hopefully my daddy, and then I am going to a concert, I think with my brother, and then I am going to the casino with my mummy. Yeow. That night also, the guys are going to the Earl of Leicester to eat some mega schniztels, but I can’t goooo because it’s my birthday thinga. They said they could change it to Sunday perhaps, or maybe I could change my din dins to another night, because that would be fun. Then Saturday night, Hayley is throwing me a party! Shall be gallons of lovely. I’m excited. I’m old…

Speaking of old, my hip hurts so much at the moment. I hate it. Whine whine whine but I mean…I do have a disintegrating hip, ‘the hip of a 70 year’ according to Doctors. SO. I have reason to whine. Shut the hell up. This leg is super flexible though. Rar rar rar my foot is behind my head.

I’m going to pick my brother up tonight as he’s coming back from the Snake Run east coast tour, yeow. I got back to my car today after my exam and I had a message on my phone. ‘Would you want a chocolate vegan donut or a strawberry one?’ All these years of asking him to bring me back a vegan doughnut from Melbourne have finally paid off, and I never actually expected him to bring one back. 🙂

I’m hungry.

Because I’m a Lady, Assface

July 18, 2008

We’re going through thousands of photographs to find baby photos of me for the school to use for graduation purposes. Tehehe. I was way cute…So fricking cute. I want to be a kiddie again.

Oh wow…oh WOW. Backstory:

My brother’s Godmother is infamous for her lack of undiewear. At his Christening, many got a view of the crevasse. Well, sorting through these photos, my mother began laughing hysterically, to the point where she was somewhat crying due to the laughter. She showed me the photo. I’m tempted to upload it but…hmm…Maybe later. It is said Godmother, sitting on a chair in my house, her legs are crossed but…you can see…something. Something that lies between the legs, part of the female anatomy, we do believe. With a slight…mane. Oh the hilarity.

Hmm…The Ren and Stimpy Show or Mythbusters?

Ren and Stimpy or…Mythbusters

Sorry, child, I chose Mythbusters.

EDIT – things I neglected to mention:

I went out to lunch with my mumsy today. It was lovely, and somewhat impromptu. She is the best ever. I cannot stress this enough. My parents are the best.

On Thursday, I thought of a fond childhood memory. I remember going to Marion when the extension had first opened with my daddy. We went to Wendy’s (different to Wendy’s) and I got rainbow (which I always got) and well…I dropped my ice cream. So we went back and my daddy bought me another one. But then, I dropped that too. Haha. Of course, he wasn’t mean about it. Cuuute.


The New Girl Talk album, Feed The Animals is seriously amazing. What a patient lad.

I got my P2s today, whatever that means. Fricking stupid money making process. Way to go, Government. Psh. But, NEVER go into the license commissioning place on a Friday. Or any afternoon at all. The line goes outside the door, and there’s not enough seats; everyone is squished in. They give you a ticket, with a letter regarding your reason to be there, and a number, regarding your place in the line. I waited 45 minutes to get to the counter. I then did the Hazard Awareness Test which took me 6 minutes, and then I had to take another ticket, and wait another 45 minutes to get to the counter again to give the forms back, forfeit my license, and have my photo taken for my new license. Lameoid.

Oh yeah, I got my report aaages ago. I’m happy.

4 As, 1 B. 2 Os*, 3 H**s.

O* = outstanding effort.

H** = high effort.

Featured videos today on MySpace:

  • Umbrella Attack
  • Giant Singing Robot
  • Dog Barks for 6 Yrs
  • Dodgeball vs Groin
The Internet at its finest, kids. 

This weekend is going to be poop. 

Elaboration – to be continued (or maybe not).

I Broke Down and Wrote You Back Before You had the Chance to

July 17, 2008

Currently listening to: Finley Quaye – Dice

Why would I want to be friends with somebody who blackmails me? 

As much as I have thought that Gossip Girl looks like a show I could quite enjoy, wow…it really IS like The OC.

A fair bit has happened, and I was thinking of writing but…I…I realised I don’t really want to. Maybe some other time. I have a lot to think about.

I Felt You in my Legs Before I Ever Met You

July 12, 2008

Currently listening to: Nirvana – You Know You’re Right

I feel so weird at the moment. I feel disconnected. It made sense yesterday, but it doesn’t make sense today. I don’t know why I still feel it. 

I’ve been somewhat grumpy today, but my chirpiness was resurrected when I gained permission for something I thought I would never possibly be worthy to gain.

I’m going to North America 😀

The reality is sinking in. …and God damn, it’s scary.

A few days ago I determined that I would like to get all my flights booked these holidays (I go back to school Tuesday week), so I knew I had to talk to my father about it, and geeze was I dreading that. And yeah, it sucked at first, but turns out he thought I was going for a whole year. Holy bchzhwow! Hell naw. No wonder he thought I’d die. So I explained it all and he pretty much said, ‘fuck it, do it’. So…fuck. This is scary. 

Something that I’ve been planning to do for so long, and has always seemed so distant and…pipe-dreamy…it’s happening. It’s a weird feeling. I’m terrified, but I’m so excited. I actually feel kind of sick thinking about it. More than kind of. 

Up until a few hours ago, my biggest fear was booking the flights online…now it’s suddenly stepping off the plane onto that…other place.

The plan so far is:

I have exams until mid November. A week after those finish, I have graduation dinner at the Morphettville Race Course. The week after that, I leave for LA. I spend a week in LA, then go to Chicago for a day. I then go to Toronto for a while and from there I most likely go by train to Montreal, Boston, New York, and maybe down to D.C. before leaving from New York back to LAX to go home.


The money situation is…adequate. I have enough to cover my flights (just short of $3000, GUH what a waste of money that I’ve been saving since grade 3) and at the moment…only about $600 left over. I’m selling Monty (my acoustic guitar) to Seb (hopefully) so…that’s another hundred and a bit…hopefully I’ll get money for my birthday and perhaps a Christmas bonus (winky) and…um…holiday money? Money for being awesome…aww hell, that should go to the guy who invented post-it notes. People at my party probably won’t give me money…hell now I’m just sounding greedy.


On my birthday, after the concert when I go to the cas, I go in with a $2.00 coin, and come out with 8 MILLION DOWLA.

Done and done.

Seriously, I need some funds. 

15kg (33lb) down.

Frick, I’m scared.

Every Direction Leads me Away

July 8, 2008


Currently listening to: Girl Talk – Shut the Club Down
I loved Singapore so much, but it’s nice to be home. Mmm, bed.
Thanks, Lena!!
I had a pile of mail to go through today, it was fairly cool actually. I got a letter from Hannah, my dearest palindrome sea-spoon! It made me laugh and smile and aww I miss her.
New Girl Talk album is balls.
Shoop da Whoop!