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I Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down

September 25, 2008

Circumcision = I cut your peenie off?


I Won’t Worry my Life Away

September 24, 2008

Currently listening to: Elvis Costello – Oliver’s Army

Oh, Elvis Costello, you are just so awesome.

I’m pretty happy, I just moved down into a new…number…range. I don’t know what it’s called but I went from one ten to another…ten…crap, I can’t talk. Like going from 20s down into 10s. What’s that? Someone talk for me please.

So that’s a total of 17kg, or 38lbs. Pretty, pretty…preeetty good.

Then I remembered Goodshirt. I used to love this music video and song.


And then I remembered they did this music video and song too.

Dadsy is in Perth for at least a week, we’re not sure when he’ll be back yet. It’s funny, as soon as he goes away, we become crazy about security. All windows are locked, chains on doors,

Whoa, WordPress just kicked me out, mid-post. ‘You don’t have permission to do that’…to do what? BAN. Bastard. 

Aaaaand now I pass out.

I Don’t Mind you Under my Skin

September 21, 2008

Currently listening to: Elvis Costello – Pump it Up

This week is going to be tough, but then it should calm down a bit, before it revs up again. THE EYE OF THE STORM PSCHWOOOSH.

Frickin’ foul (lol, fowl. Get it?!).

Collision is Such an Ugly Sound

September 20, 2008

Currently listening to: Ryan Adams – Come Pick Me Up

I’m pretty pooped right now, I’m in bed and I feel like I could just fall asleep at any second. I have been neglecting this, however (oh dear, neglecting a blog, it must feel sooooo baaaaaad) and feel that I should do something…with…this…shut up.

At the end of the year, instead of going to Melbourne and Sydney (which was supposed to be instead of my whole life dedicated USA and Canada trip) there’s a chance I might be going to Indonesia! Eee! Of course, it’s just a possibility, but it will hopefully become reality, because I’m still heartbroken over this whole NO YOU’RE NOT GOING thing…hmm.

SO, the plan is (man I bet this won’t happen…) to Denpasar (Bali) and stay there for a bit, then plane to Jakarta, stay there for a bit, and then bus to Yogyakarta, because I’ve always wanted to go there. The thing is, though, that with these new airfares that were introduced today, it would actually be about the same price to go to Indonesia than to go to Melbourne or Sydney. Flights to Melbourne and Sydney are super cheap, but the cities themselves are quite expensive, particularly accommodation and particularly Sydney. The flights to Indonesia are a little more (but they’re still not that much, we could get everywhere for under $1000) but everything is so (seriously, SO) cheap, particularly accommodation. I really think this is a realistic possibility.

Awwww, Wall-E is sweet.

But it’s no Monsters Inc.

Fight that plaque! Scary monsters don’t have plaque!

And it’s no The Incredibles.

Season 6 of Curb Your Enthusiasm is so frustrating and awkward. I guess this is good, in a way. Larry is put in the worst situations yet. Cheryl leaves him, an exterminator stomps on a dog thinking it’s a rat, he has long balls that get caught in his fly, he steals flowers from a memorial, multiple times. Oy vey…it makes me so uncomfortable. I only have 2 episodes left though, it’s quite sad. It only arrived in the mail a few days ago. What a great show.

I HAVE to do a lot of work tomorrow. I HAVE to.

One Foot in Your Bedroom, and one Foot out the Door

September 18, 2008

Currently listening to: Jimmy Eat World – Here it Goes

Eh I can’t be bothered now.

The Last Polka

September 10, 2008

Currently listening to: Phantom Planet – Big Brat

16 minutes left until CERN’s large hadron collider destroys the world, and I am blogging and sitting with my mother and my dog while she watches The Bold and the Beautiful.

I have actually been terrified, it is pathetic. I know that almost certainly nothing will happen, but every time I think/say that I have to touch wood and I’m terrified that I’ve jinxed it. So, the world is quite possibly about to end, and I am not out partying, shooting up, participating in wild Brazilian orgies, no.

12 minutes.

I don’t even know why I’m so scared. I don’t think I’m scared of death. I don’t want everyone I love to die. At least if it happens no one will suffer (I hope, anyway). But it’s the fact that…they’re messing with something they really shouldn’t be. I don’t really know much about it, so I can’t speak with much authority at all, but blah. BLAH, I SAY.

9 minutes.

I said goodbye to a lot of my friends. They are trying to assure me that it will be okay (I’m sure it will be TOUCH WOOD MOTHER FUCKER) but it’s just…I don’t even know. See, now I’m rambling. In 8 minutes, when we’re all still alive, and tomorrow at school, people are going to give me crap. 

8 minutes.

And now I’m making a big thing about it here…wow this is INTENSE rambling. I have so much work to do, but I feel that if I’m going to die in 5pm, I really don’t want to be doing work. That’s not cool. I mean yeah, I’m not going out boning dudes and drinking vodka out of a girls’ butt crack, but I’m by the heater with my mumsy and my dog watching one of the worst possible television shows ever created.

6 minutes.

I kind of feel like some orange juice. 

5 minutes.

I should work out how many days there are left of school. We knew before, but I wasn’t counting, because I want more time. Frick frick frick. Also, school won’t matter when we’re all DEAD.

4 minutes.

Come on already.

3 minutes.

Actually, orange juice sounds kind of nice.

2 minutes.

Oh crap, The Bold and the Beautiful is going to be the last television program I ever watch…fuck, I should’ve thought that through.

1 minute.




I’m in for it now.

I Just Can’t Help but Feeling I’m Living a Life of Illusion

September 3, 2008