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October 26, 2008

Nobody steals from Creed Bratton and gets away with it. 
The last person to do this disappeared. 
His name? Creed Bratton. 


Write my Name Somewhere Safe

October 26, 2008

Currently listening to: Jimmy Eat World – Closer

27/10, 1pm – Mathematical Applications Exam

29/10, 2pm – Indonesian Oral Exam

05/11, 1.30pm – Indonesian Exam

11/11, 1.30pm – Visual Arts Exam

12/11, 9am – Psychology Exam

Here we go.

Want to be Bad

October 17, 2008

Currently listening to: Jason Mraz – The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)

Bed feels so amazing right now. Ughhhh, so gooooood. Friday night means one thing – a good nightssessses sleep. I am so mellow right now. I need some moisturiser for my hands, which I will do in a minute, if I can tear myself away from the sheets. Bed feels especially nice because I showered about 3 hours ago, and shaved, and straightened my hair and all, so I feel nice and clean and the the weather is warm and pleasant and my legs and everything are/is completely hairless so it feels all smooth and tickly against the sheets, it’s lovely. Also I smell nice which is always fun.

Oh awesome, you can make polls on WordPress now. I must capitilise on this.

I have decided that I say ‘awesome’ way too much. I need another word. I do use other words, but awesome pops up most of the time when I need a positive adjective.


Totally tubular











There’s a few possibilities there I am rather fond of. I’ve always liked ‘righteous’, and I do throw that in there every now and then. I throw them all in there every now and then, but I need to use them more often, and tone down the awesome. HAR HAR.

100% for maths test yesterday I thought I went terribly in. Heh heh heh, excellent.

Okay, I retire now.

Shifty Eyes, Pay Attention, Dirty Talk Talk Talk, Quiet

October 15, 2008

Not cool, Freddy.

Gotta Get Back in Time

October 14, 2008

I guess I’ll have to look at rubbish and ash more closely.

You Led no Celibate Life, no Skirt While Chemicals Danced on your Head

October 12, 2008

She looks so miserable.

I went to bed at 8.30pm, I got to sleep a bit after 9pm. It is now 5.13am, I woke up an hour ago. I am ready for sleep again now.

4, 3, 2, 1, I’m Letting You Go

October 6, 2008

Such a painful trip 
To find out this is it 
And as I go to sleep 
You’ll be waking up

Judy is a Dick Slap

October 6, 2008


In Bloom

October 6, 2008

Currently listening to: The Coral – Dreaming of You

Damn you, Mischa Barton.

And damn you, Keds.

I Wanna Carry Your Books to Every Class…

October 6, 2008

…And I wanna fuck you up the ass.

Currently listening to: Propagandhi – Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass, You Son Of A Bitch.

I was watching Weeds and I noticed something. It’s really very prominent, but it’s just so little and meaningless that well, I didn’t really notice because it means nothing and I probably shouldn’t notice it anyway. In movies with schools, students go to their lockers, yes? Often, they aren’t full length lockers, there are two: one on the top and one on the bottom. Never does anyone have the bottom locker. NEVER.

Yep, that’s all.

Also though, Nancy Botwin, wchowwwww.