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There Goes the Fear

November 29, 2008

Currently listening to: MGMT – Kids

In a bit I’m going to start looking for a car. I think first on the list in Mazda Australian Motors, not too sure, I’m just going where I am being led. 

I’m sick, it’s just a cold but I’m weak and it just keeps going and going and going and I have no energy and blah. Not fun. I am such a weiner.

This new station started on Foxtel, it is so good. It’s just all the worst shows and I love it. 111 Hits. My brain is melting. I’ve been watching so much television, and only the worst of course. Goo. GOO. There’s so many shows I never really gave a chance, and now that I’m a bum, I CAN! I’m watching so much television: Dharma and Greg, Friends, That 70’s Show, The Drew Carey Show, The King Of Queens, Will and Grace. And that’s just one channel. Oy vey. GOO.

I only have less than a month left of SG awesomeness. I’m not sure exactly how it works, what day it was that I was given my subscription and if it will still work until that day and so on. I have no idea. But total poop. This year has been tough, but also a lot of fun. I’ve learnt a lot, challenged myself, made new friends, became closer to existing ones, fallen out of love, changed a lot and tried a bunch of new things. I have a lot to get done on the site before my subscription ends. Amongst all the hecticality of the past year, browsing and updating SG has not been high on my priority list.

Yay, Black Friday

This boss level of Donkey Kong 3 is hard. Fricking Barbos. Fuck you, Barbos.

They make it look so damn easy.

I’m going to go get dressed and listen to some Bowie.


A Beautiful Mistake

November 20, 2008

Currently listening to: Nirvana – Rape Me

I was going to write about something, but I forgot.

Anyway, I’m going to the horrible thing that is Schoolies down at Victor Harbour tomorrow, so fare thee well for a few days. I’m not really into the whole WOOO PARTY LET’S BANG GET DRUNK KEGSTAND dealio, but it will be nice to stay in a house and hang around with friends for a few days and just relax. I am actually staying in Middleton, though.

Things I may have planned to write about, and will revise:

This Old House

Channel 111 Hits

Kenny Vs. Spenny

My new ‘job’

Books I hope to read

A bunch of junk

Graduation Dinner

Recent parties, with gross and funny stories


Also, I’d like an answer as to exactly why I am making this list.

My palms are itchy.


Second Solution

November 20, 2008


November 18, 2008

So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.

Float On

November 16, 2008

Currently listening to: Duffy – Warwick Avenue

I just got home and there’s a duck with 7 newborns running around in the back garden. I went and chilled with them.

The Owls Go

November 16, 2008

I’m about to make this, and on the side of the page there is a banner. This advertisement/banner is awesome. I can’t link to it because it’s a Flash movie which is kind of poop, but oh well. It’s a pizza and it’s a clock. The meat on the pizza acts as the hands of the clocks, hour, minute and second. What is so awesome is that it is actually keeping the real time though. AWESOME!

It’s also an effective advertisement because now I want pizza.

Not a Thing to do, but Talk to You

November 10, 2008

Currently listening to: Cheap Trick – In the Street


You’re Mah Beeeeest Friiieeeeeeend

November 8, 2008

Cannot stop laughing.


Also, I can’t stop watching this.

Disconnect the Dots

November 6, 2008

Currently listening to: +44 – Baby, Come On

I’m cleaning my room. I’m putting away school things. Things that I’ve used every day for the past…very long time. And now I’m finding permanent homes for them, because I’ll probably never use them again. It’s weird. Kind of sad. Kind of cathartic. 

In grade 5 or 6, I can’t remember, I went to…somewhere. I think it was the Gold Coast. On the way we had a stopover in Sydney airport. I bought a Kenny keyring, exactly like this.

It has been on my school bag ever since. In grade 7 it was stolen, I put a notice in the bulletin, and two days later he was sitting on top of my locker. He’s fallen off my bag a few times, but somehow always gets returned to me. It was stolen again this year during mid year exams, and I was pissed/sad. Then somehow, he once again…returned.

This keychain is magical, I swear. I just cleaned out my school bag. I took my Kenny off my school bag and put the bag under the stairs. This is…seriously…weird.

No Sensitivity

November 6, 2008

Currently listening to: Foo Fighters – But, Honestly

My art is being moderated…