But The Cat Came Back…

Preface: I hate cats. I love dogs.

Approximately two months ago, a cat kept appearing in the front garden, slinking around, basking in the sun and aggravating my dog who sits on the sofa and acts as a guard dog, looking down on the garden out the window.

My mother would shoo it off, telling the puss to go home, because it was making my dog bark like crazy. After a week or two I suggested perhaps it was homeless.

We now started to take more notice of the cat when it came around. It was obviously a Siamese, and it was very very thin (which can’t really be seen in the photographs). I picked it up and it was literally just skin and bones, it’s heart was beating so fast, right against it’s ribs. I also noticed it was a girl. Oh, and it was floppy, cats are floppy.

She was so thin, my mother and I wanted to feed her, but we knew if we started putting food out for her, she would never leave, and my dog would wig out. After almost a week, she was just getting thinner, so I went and bought some dry cat food for her, and put some water out for her too. She scoffed it down. She didn’t like to eat in front of people (which is a cat thing, I am told), but often she was so hungry that she would. Also, unlike a cat, she ate everything on her plate, never left a speck. 

All the while, my mother had been going around the entire neighbourhood, calling veterinarian clinics, door knocking, asking if anyone had lost a Siamese cat, or knew if anyone in the neighbourhood had one. But alas.

I’d sit outside and play with her, around the corner, keeping her out of view of my dog. He was jealous. She was very playful, batting at ferns and chewing on grass. She jumped up on the window sill, walking back and forth and pawing the window, wanting to get in. It was sad. Then she put her paws on my chest, trying to climb up me, kicking off of the window sill. She sniffed my face. Aww.

I’ve always hated cats, but I was totally in love with this kitty. We started to buy her some tinned food, really gross fishy stuff that kitties love. One night she visited and I sat outside with her on the front verandah (porch) for about an hour. I prodded her with dried bits of grass and she chased them with her eyes, waiting to pounce. She jumped up onto the window sill, curled up (mind you, the window sill is a 45 degree angle) and went to sleep. Poor thing had nowhere to sleep. I then decided I couldn’t stay out there all night, so I tried to go in the front door, but she followed. So I closed the door and walked away. She stood on the door step pawing at the door. She then curled up on the doormat and went to sleep. I went around to the side gate to attempt a back entrance, but she followed. So I went back to the front door, and squeezed in behind the screen door against the main wooden door, but she was intent on getting in. Eventually I slipped in but wow I felt mean. I wanted to keep her. Why must my dog be so mean.

After many phone calls, a phone call to WSPA resulted in a possible lead. Someone had lost 3 Siamese cats, but 2 had been found. However, they may want this one. Many phone calls to the family were made over a week or so.

Dadsy wasn’t very happy, he was pretty pissed off actually, saying that we were being really mean to my dog, even though we were being super stealth, and giving Kugel mass amounts of attention. One night, I came home from work at about 7.30pm, I came in through the back, and kitty was up on the shade cloth, looking down at me. She followed me, from above. I went up the stairs to see her and she came over to me. She kept trying to get down, but it was a long way down. She kept meowing and pawing at the edge. Sadface. Dadsy wasn’t fond of the cat, but he saw I was worried about it so he went outside to see it. Dadsy used to have a cat named Belvedere. She was a stray, and dadsy kept her, and it was very important to him, I was like 2 when she died so I don’t remember her. Dadsy had said he didn’t want to see the cat as he didn’t want to get attached to it because he’d end up being the one who had to kill it. Nice. So when he went over to see her on top of the garage roof I was a little anxious. He patted her a bit and she was purring and aww and then he grabbed her by her scruff and brought her down. He was holding her and aww it was cute. Also, she’s a biter. Not often, just every now and then she’d decide to bite, but she never scratched. She bit me twice, but it looked like a scratch. Being bitten by a stray cat isn’t too good, I had to go to the doctor because who knew what I might catch…feline AIDS. My dad made a little bed for her in the garage with blankets and a grass bag and showed it to her so she knew she had a place to sleep. He said he really wanted to keep her and she was a gorgeous little kitty, but we couldn’t with the dog. He kept saying to let Kugel out so they could meet but yeah no…bad idea. And then we fed her again. Aww. That cat is curious, she kept looking at a shelf outside, so she jumped up on it but didn’t quite make it, she fell down and knocked everything off the shelf, ‘OH CRAP!’, she then hid under the table outside, ashamed. I laughed really quite hard. Also, probably the cutest thing she did, we have a pot plant on the ground, the plant has long threads that hang over. She was circling the pot, hiding under all the overhanging plant. She’d then paw at the hanging plants, and pounce out from under/behind her plant disguise. So cute.

Another day, perhaps the next, I cannot remember, she came back and ate. Mumsy called the family to ask if we could bring her by today. They live about 1.5 hours away (in a suburb I have never heard of), across the other side of town. One of the parents was the head of the boarding house at Seymour College, and all girl school right near where I work, and where my mother went to school. They would be moving into a house within the school grounds within the month (they should now be there). So we were to meet them at the front gates of the school in 3 hours. So I had to keep her from straying for 3 hours. I took some photos of her/with her, took a video, played with her, rubbed her belly. She got impatient and a little bitey, so I put her in her travel cage thingy. After a while I thought perhaps I could take her into my room without Kugel knowing, so I did. I closed my door and let her out. She sniffed around, jumped on the bed. She kept going to the window. She jumped up on my chair and stretched across so she had her back paws on the chair and her front paws on the window sill. After all this time of her wanting to get inside, now that was inside she just wanted to get out again. Then it was time to take her to the rendezvous point. When I put her in the travel case she was fine, but we got into the car and she was PISSED. She was meowing really loudly, every few seconds for the whole trip. This cat was generally a quiet cat, she didn’t make much noise at all, but boy she didn’t like car trips. I was patting her, but then when she realised I was patting her she tried to eat me. We got to the school gates, and the family picked her up. I had a chat with the two children, they seemed like a lovely family. They said she looked like a purebred, a lot better quality than the other ones they have. We said goodbye and left. 😦

Exactly a week later we called the family to get an update.

They named her Claudia. They took her to the vet, she definitely was homeless, and she wasn’t desexed, she since has been. She is a Lilac Point Siamese, which apparently is not as common as other kinds, and is a lot more expensive. She is a purebred. The vet said someone would’ve bought her, they would’ve paid quite a bit for her (WE COULD’VE SOLD HER! I kid I kid, but seriously…), but they are demanding cats and need a lot of attention and maintenance, she was too much for them so they dumped her. She never looked like a stray cat, she was homeless but she groomed all the time, she never looked disheveled in the slightest, just super thin. The family has 2 dogs and 2 other Siamese cats. They were a little worried about Claudia settling in, as one of the other cats is pretty mean. Claudia instantly worked her way up the ladder to become the dominant cat, and is even bossing the two dogs around. Since she has been desexed, her biting habits should cease. She still wants to go outside a lot, but now that she lives on the Seymour campus, she will have beautiful grounds to prowl and hundreds of female school students who will make a fuss of her.

As much as I hate cats, I adore Claudia and still think about her alot. She has a great family and home now anyway. We all would’ve loved to have kept her but Kugel is a meanie. Kugel’s better anyway. Sorry, kitty, we still love you.



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