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South Australia <3

April 30, 2009

Primary school has infuriated parents and disability advocates by asking students to come to school dressed as a disabled person as part of a fundraiser.

Ahh, I love this hole.


Another One Rides The Bus

April 27, 2009

Currently listening to: Descendents – Suburban Home

So, starting yesterday, the Belair line was closed (for 4 months, but yeah, no way, it will be at least 6) for upgrades. I have to take the bus from behind my house. Yes, it’s convenient because it’s merely a street away, but buses are terrible. Here are my reasons why I hate buses and why trains are 100 times better:

  • They are always late
  • The schedule is never right – they always take at least 10 minutes longer
  • They don’t fit nearly as many people as trains
  • Buses are affected by traffic
  • They rattle and make stupid loud noises
  • The windows never open, and when they do, they rattle really loudly
  • They generally smell terrible
  • They stop too much, it makes the trip so much longer
  • The school children who catch them are loud and annoying
  • People stand in the doorway and don’t move down to the end
  • The seats are too close together, my legs are too long for the space.
  • They make me feel ill
  • They give me a headache
  • The drivers always drive abruptly
  • It’s difficult to avoid people on buses
  • You’re more likely to be in a motor accident in a bus than in a train
  • Trains are somewhat INDESTRUCTIBLE
  • Trains are just so much more awesome

And the most important reason:

  • The doors scare me, I always get caught in them

Yeah, I’m cool.

I’m sure I’ll think of more. Please, participate in the bus hate.

I like to whine.

What’s Up Pussy Cat?

April 27, 2009


Cat + box = awesome rad happy super family fun times.

I wish I could embed this.

You Guys Are My Best Friends

April 25, 2009

I just woke up, turned the television on and saw this:

Best wake up ever?

Pump It Up

April 23, 2009

All Medicated Geniuses

April 22, 2009

Air alcohol, eh?

Prepare to get Assaulted! – Engrish

April 17, 2009

And my favourite:

Lion And The Lamb

April 17, 2009

Drunk Mouth Kitchen Smile

April 17, 2009

I am slightly intoxicated at the present moment. 

Nick drove us home from Seb’s birthday din dins at Pondok Bali and I realised something. It’s probably a little weird. At night, when driving through residential areas, I like looking at each house and seeing which rooms still have lights on. It’s really quite interesting. You try and figure out what kind of room it is, it’s so not perverted, it’s just getting insight into the nightlife of residential areas. 

Something else I noticed is when I drink I try to talk more proper, partly as a joke, but I’m not sure. I act stupidly sophisticated. But anyway, I’m not drunk. I’m just a little.

Here is a list of songs with the word ‘drunk’ in the title; these are all the songs I have in my e-music-library:

  • Girls Against Drunk Bitches – Big D And The Kids Table
  • Too Drunk To Drive – Bodyjar
  • Drunk Kid Catholic – Bright Eyes
  • Drunk Mouth Kitchen Smile – The Lawrence Arms
  • Three Quarts Drunk – Less Than Jake
  • Drunk Guy At The Get Up Kids Show – Reggie And The Full Effect
  •  Drunk Guy Talks Chemicals to Us at the Get Up Kids Show – Reggie And The Full Effect
  •  Drunk Girl At The Get Up Kids Show (Discus Edit) – Reggie And The Full Effect
  •  Drunk Girl At The Get Up Kids Show (drivin and cryin or broadway cats production bus) – Reggie And The Full Effect
  •  Drunk Girl At The Get Up Kids Show (guess jeans awnings old navy) – Reggie And The Full Effect
  •  Drunk Girl At The Get Up Kids Show (tattoz b-day azz beatinz) – Reggie And The Full Effect
  • Ode To The Drunk – Seraphs Coal

Dinosaurs Will Die

April 9, 2009

Um, awesome!