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Old Enough to Know Better, Young Enough to Pretend

July 31, 2009

19 tomorrow.

So strange.

So fast.

What happened?

Oldie Von Mouldie.

David Von Grohlie.


Talk About a Serious Black

July 30, 2009

“I’ve been to Azkaban, gimme an ass ta bang!”


                                       – Dumbledore


July 28, 2009

Definitely going to FAO Schwartz when I’m in New York.


July 28, 2009


July 24, 2009

Um, owie, and ewie.

Plaster Caster

July 23, 2009

Click it.

MCA Come and Rock the Sure Shot

July 21, 2009

MCA has cancer 😦

Dad’s Bad News

July 16, 2009


Why doesn’t England just ban sex all together?


July 16, 2009

Currently listening to: John Mayer – Say

I’ve been sucked into the Masterchef buzz. I enjoyed Masterchef UK, but the first season of Masterchef Australia started a few months ago and has been very successful. 

They are up to the final 2.

First of all, a lot of the judges and contestants piss me off, but I guess a lot of things seem to piss me off; I am a cynical old man.

Chris is a jerk who wears hats and only eats meat and only drinks beer. He says he has a ‘great appreciation for animals’, and by that, he means he loves to eat them. Yes, people eat meat, whatever, but to say that he really appreciates animals…no, dude. I did feel bad when he got eliminated though, and they gave the pity vote to Julie. As much as he’s a pompous hat wearing, meat face jerk, he’s talented, but I’m sure he’ll get far regardless of his standing in the competition. But yeah, I felt bad when he was eliminated, he was so put out.

BUT, George. Oh, George, how you bother me. You can’t talk. You’re a metro jerk. The way you slap your hands together. The facial expressions. The way he eats is very comical, but frustrating; he slumps/hunches right over the plate, cuts these little bits up and then quickly drives them into his mouth, sooooo quickly, it’s like a pinch. He reminds me of my cousin, tehe.

The main reason I was writing this though, is matt.

Matt is pretty awesome with his cravats, and he is witty. BUT STILL, the reason I was writing this, is because for the past few episodes, Matt has said during elimination ‘one of you could be Australia’s first Masterchef’. COULD? So none of them are going to win it, eh?

HERE IS MY THEORY. My premonition, if you will:

Neither Poh nor Julie, nor ANY of the contestants are going to win Masterchef, and in the end it will be revealed that MATT is in fact Australia’s first Masterchef.

It’s possible…

Fruity Booty Duty

July 12, 2009

Bootay bootay bootay.

Also, I’m sure I’ll want to use the Funkadelic’s title Fruity Booty Duty again sometime, so deal with it.