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Another one Bites the Dust

September 29, 2009

Last week, dust from Alice Springs (the middle of Australia) blew across creating epic dust storms in some eastern cities, such as Brisbane and Sydney.

This resulted in some amazing photos, as well as a huge amount of chaos.


Oh I Remember Halloween

September 29, 2009

I’ve been trying to figure out what to go to Leia’s halloween party as. is really good. I had some laughs looking through that website.

My favourite:

I think I might do some sort of variation of this, however:

Seems simple enough.

Or I could just do what all other girls do and go as a slut.

Last Night on the Mass Pike…

September 29, 2009

I am so slack. This is me:

I am on holidays at the moment, which is awesome, and I don’t have too much work to do over the break. I get 2.5 weeks off (.5 because my last class was on a Tuesday, and the teacher told me I’m too awesome to have to go to Thursday class and not to bother. Yes, that is exactly what he said). So I had the last week off, but really my break only start today. WICKED.

Girls are stupid. Especially ones in Adelaide. I find it entertaining when Adelaide news becomes big/worldwide news.

It’s less than 3 months (almost 2) until my trip. Eeee! Insanity. I am SO excited.

Out of all the stupid Kanye West nonsense, this was my favourite:

People suck. Kanye West is an ass, it is hilarious, it’s what he does. That, and then apologise awkwardly for his episodes. Why everyone made such a big deal of it, I do not know.

Signs are fun.

And I’m still fairly certain Lady Gaga is a man.

And a retarded man, at that.

I found this advertisement funny, and bookmarked the image to post here…I don’t remember why I found it funny…


SOMEONE hates white people.

I’m going to the zoo on Thursday with Hannah! Woo! I haven’t been to the zoo since I was 13 (so I’m told), and I apparently went with mumsy, Lena and Phoebe for my Birthday. We got hot chips/fries and then went to the pancake kitchen after. And I remember absolutely none of that. 13 = the first year repressed. Good times. Wish I remembered that.

I’m sleepy, ready for bed, in bed, ready for sleep, but I have more junk to post. Because you totally care. You? Who? What? Shut up, leave me alone. I talk to myself. Talk, type, same thing.

Arh, I’m so EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Hot Tamale

September 16, 2009

Salsa is awesome, but I hate the chunks. I dip stuff and then wipe all the chunks off, so gross. The chunks make me dislike salsa; totally put me off. Does anyone actually like the chunks? Okay, so apparently some people do. Why? I do not know. Weirdos. When I make burritos, I put the salsa through a sieve. Haha…pathetic. But I hate the chunks! SO much. I’m going to make my own God damn salsa. Fuck you, chunks. Smooth is where it’s at (although I do like chunky peanut butter).

I’m like this with a lot of things, though. I like everything pureed. I would eat most things, so long as they were in pureed form. When I make soup, I use a hand blender mooncher thingy on it for a couple of minutes to make sure it’s chunkless, and completely smooth. When I have pumpkin soup from a tin, I put it through a sieve to get rid of the onion chunks. I think a lot has to do with my onion phobia…God dammit I hate onion.

Little Sister

September 14, 2009

“Wow, she has even more crazy illnesses than you!”

– Thine brother.

Thanks, broseph, thanks.

September 9, 2009

That is all.

Am I Asking too Much to Keep you at Arms Length?

September 8, 2009

You Need A Hug

September 7, 2009

The only good Twitter ever. I know it’s old, since it’s gone viral. You can just picture him grumpily saying all this stuff.

Crows are super duper smart. I have some cool crow stories. For later.

The double down looks amazing. Click it.

Interesting stuff.

Bear attacks man for hoagie.

9 year old boy saves 12 year old girl from pitbull attack using a jujitsu choke hold.

Kowloon Walled City in China, home to 50, 000 people until it was demolished in 1993. Click it for more information. Fricking amazing.

I like this advertisement.

Good stuff right there.

Have They Forgotten

September 7, 2009

Neglected blog. I will update you properly one day, I am sorry…because you…totally have feelings.