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I’ll See you All at Okie Dogs

October 29, 2009

My visa waiver has been approved and I am now authorised to enter the United States.



Kill Me Quickly

October 12, 2009

Every time Pink or Nickelback come on at the gym I die a little inside.

Okay, actually, I die a lot inside.

Just Because You’re Paranoid Don’t Mean They’re Not After You

October 4, 2009

Video with amazing dogs doing funny things.

A hotel room covered in melted cheese? Ew ew ew.

Google camera car wants some In-N-Out, but don’t we all?

Big Macs in Australia are 20% smaller than in other countries. What a gyp.

The Dark Night of the Soul

October 3, 2009

In a real dark night of the soul it is always three o’clock in the morning, day after day.
– F. Scott Fitzgerald