How Good it is to See You

I really need to get back into posting here, I used to enjoy it but I just haven’t had the time for it.

Since the last time I produced a proper post, I have:

  • lost more weight (well actually I’ve gained weight but I look like I’ve lost weight)
  • booked a bunch more hotels and trains and buses
  • picked up my actual ticket thingies for my flights
  • been to the dentist twice
  • become even more saddened by the human race
  • lied far too much
  • done too many silly things
  • eaten too much crap
  • offended too many people
  • become an official Bunnings Team Member (Mile End Represent!)
  • listened to the entire Foo Fighters catalogue approximately 5 times
  • finished the Philip K. Dick book
  • gotten really behind on my uni work
  • funnily enough done very well at uni
  • bought a coffee dripilator
  • slept

And now, that last one, I shall reenact for you, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW – LIVE!


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